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Why we don’t employ commissioned sales staff at Inceil

Our customers and competitors are often surprised to learn that Inceil does not employ commissioned sales staff. We are the opposite of the hard-sell commission driven double-glazing, conservatory blinds or installation company.

And we are much more successful as a company because of it.

Our guiding principle is we’d much rather our customers choose to buy from us, then we have to sell to them.

What does this mean in practice for our customers?

     1) When you contact Inceil about the problems with your conservatory –  too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer – we will arrange a free survey of your conservatory. The survey will only take around 20 minutes – we will not take up hours of your time with the hard sell!

   2) You will never, ever be asked to sign up or pay a deposit on the day! Following the survey we will email or post a quote to you and then you can choose to order from Inceil in your own time.

3) Once you choose to buy from Inceil, we will agree the installation dates with you and only then will we send you the order form to sign and return with a deposit.

We do this because we want our customers to choose to buy from Inceil because they trust us to offer the best solution for them.

The UK government has introduced new regulations which will apply to Consumer Contracts from 13 June 2014 to protect consumers who purchase ‘ long-distance’ and ‘off the premises’. So the new regulations don’t apply to you buying your fruit and veg from a regular market stall, but they will apply when you buy something like our insulated conservatory ceilings.

The regulations recognise three types of contract:

1) sales contracts (including digital content on a tangible medium such as a DVD),

2) service contracts and

3) contracts for digital content supplied through downloads and streaming.

The regulations are necessary to protect consumers and to allow them to cancel sales and service contracts within 14 days.

You can read the full information published on the UK government website here.

Contracts at Inceil are short, easy to read and understandable and always have been.