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Top Class Plasterers & Fitters Wowing our Customers

Our recruitment process for plasterers and fitters working in our installation teams is a key to ensuring the continuing long term success of our company. We look to recruit people with the right technical and practical skills, but also for people who are going to make our customers feel ‘wow’.

What makes our customers feel ‘wow’? These are the 5 most popular comments our customers make about the team that installed their insulated conservatory ceiling.

1) “I was really pleased the guys turned up on time”

2) “Everyone was so nice – friendly, polite and helpful ”

3) “They worked so hard, and carried on until they’d finished as promised”

4) “They cleaned the whole conservatory when they had finished and it was cleaner when they left than when they started”

5) “The guys inspired confidence and I was happy to leave them in the house all day”

Inceil plasterer

For us to generate those kind of customer comments, we have to have great systems in place to enable our installation team to do a good job. We want all our people to shine and take pride in a job well done that wows our customers.

Our fitters and plasterers are a massive part of the customer experience and one of our key recruitment principles is that we only recruit people who are willing to be of service to others – be that customers or colleagues.┬áIf there’s a problem on site, we need our people to take on that problem and solve it for the customer immediately, not pass it up the line to someone else.

Good plasterers, willing to be of service to others are always welcome to contact us about any job vacancies in our fast growing company 01904 891936.