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How To Use Your Conservatory All Year Round

If you’ve ever tried to use your conservatory in the winter, you’ll know that it can feel like a cold, damp dismal part of the house.

In all the glossy conservatory sales brochures, the sun is always shining, the garden is blooming and everyone is having fun being in the bright and clean ‘new room’.

The reality is that most conservatories are too hot to use in comfort in the summer, and certainly too cold to use in the winter. Condensation can be a problem in the winter, and it’s far too bright to watch a tv in there in the summer months.

Most conservatories have been built as temporary structures and for many home-owners, it is a cheaper alternative to an extension. This means that conservatories don’t comply with the building regulations regarding energy use and thermal loss that an extension would have to do.

At Inceil, we talk to homeowners every day who want to be able to use their conservatory all year round and not on the handful of days when the temperature is just right!

Here are the 4 main options that you can consider to be able to use your conservatory all year round.

1. Fixed Roof Replacement

You can replace the glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with a new solid roof structure but you’ll need deep pockets as this can cost several thousand pounds. You’ll also need to check whether you need planning permission as you are effectively altering the exterior of the conservatory and the ‘temporary’ nature of the building.

2. Roof & Window Blinds

Every conservatory owner seems to try window and roof blinds at some point! They can help reduce solar glare in the summer but do little to retain heat in the winter. They are terrible dust traps and can obscure the outlook onto the garden – which is rather the whole point of a conservatory!

3. Underfloor Heating & Radiators

Before you invest in a heating system for your conservatory, look up! Yes, that glass or polycarbonate roof has no insulating properties what so ever. You really will be burning money into the atmosphere.

4. Insulated Ceiling

You can have an insulated ceiling fitted to the existing roof structure by a specialist team like Inceil in just 1 or 2 days. This solution does not require planning permission. The new plastered ceiling follows the contours of the roof and uses the most thermally dynamic insulation available.  An insulated ceiling will make your conservatory feel like a proper room with a better temperature year round.

Whichever option you choose, make sure you get written quotes and check what guarantees are offered before proceeding.