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Christmas in Your Conservatory, HoHoHo

It’s November; the days are damp and chilly, the evenings now have the first frosts and your conservatory is effectively out of bounds. Does that sound familiar?

Most conservatories are positioned in the best location overlooking the garden but are usually too cold to use in the winter months, even if you try and heat them.

Well many Inceil customers with the benefit of an insulated ceiling, will be using their conservatory on Christmas Day and throughout the winter in much greater comfort. Can you imagine being able to include your conservatory in your Christmas decorating this year! Or even carving the turkey in there and enjoying Christmas dinner.

An insulated ceiling, fitted in just 2 days, can transform how you are able to use your conservatory, saving upto 80% of the heat normally lost through your glass or polycarbonate roof. You can save money on energy costs, and make your conservatory a place everyone will want to be this Christmas.